Optoblog Poetry #005

I shine light in eyes,
as a watchman for disease.
Patient might punch me.

I get photophobic patients sometimes, so this haiku is for them. If you liked this one, read more Optoblog poetry.

Optoblog Poetry #004

Fly open. Zipper Broken.
Eyes elevated. Me Mortified.
Seventeen bucks at Division 1 saves the day.

True story, BTW.

Optoblog Haiku #003

slippery and wet
needles poke the acute
conquered in one hour

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Optoblog Haiku #002

with thumb red and burned
I curse Risley and Jackson
closed eyes see beaches

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Introducing Optometry Poetry

which is better one or two now which is better one or two now which...

Optoblog.com revolutionized optometric blogging when it added the cartoon comic feature. Well, I’ve done it again with a new feature: Poetry. This inaugural poetry post features a form of haiku called cirku.

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