@optotrician: Time for an Eye Exam

Don't talk to Willie!
Don’t talk to Willie!
Our Walmart Vision Center has a life-size poster of a tough-looking beared guy from Duck Dynasty. Someone thought it would be fun to put a Walmart name tag with the name “Willie” on it.

It’s strange having Willie in the optical because you see him out of the corner of your eye and you instinctively have to look over at him to see who’s there, but the then you feel stupid because you’ve already told yourself a thousand times before that Willie is just a cardboard picture.

The other day, an optician saw a lady trying to talk to Willie and asking a question. Of course it was only for a few seconds, but it was a couple seconds longer than most people would talk to a cardboard picture.

The VC manager decided to take the name badge of Willie after that. Now most people just come over and have a picture taken with cardboard Willie.

Glasses Are Too Good

Wife was used to blurry image of husband with old glasses.
Clear vision isn't all it's cracked up to be.

It’s the return of the Optoblog comics! Comics are by far the most searched for items on my blog, so I’m just bowing to demand.

Engagement Eyewear

Diamond Glasses - optoblog comic #18

I once heard this from a rep, and this cartoon was immediately spawned in my brain.

And I know that women don’t normally buy the engagement ring, and yes, I just use the same pictures and change the words.