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@ the Optotrician: actual eye doctor

David Langford on December 12th, 2017 under @ the Optotrician, Optoblog •  No Comments

Back when I worked at Walmart, I overheard the following conversation: A guy wants to buy contacts but doesn’t have his Rx on him and his doctor is in another state. Walmart optician explains the Rx can be faxed to us since we need the written Rx and not just the contact boxes. Optician: Was […]

Optoblog Poetry #006

David Langford on December 12th, 2017 under Optoblog, Poetry •  No Comments

Opt School or a house? Electricians make more cash. Too late to drive truck? As a mid-career optometrist still 20 years from any kind of retirement, I often wonder if I made the right decision. I’ve had to do some electrical work on my 1960 house (because that’s the kind of house an optometrist can […]

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