What’s the Grossest Thing You’ve Ever Seen?

So I went to the bank today and the new teller said, “So you’re an optometrist. What’s the grossest thing you’ve ever seen?”

I assumed she meant personally, so I didn’t answer anything about what I’ve seen in text books or CE.

“Well, I haven’t had to see a lot of gory stuff since I’m an optometrist and not a surgeon…but I’d have to say something that gave me the willies was crab lice on the eyelashes. That’s an STD.”

You should have seen the look on her face. Her reaction was a combination of shock and disgust. She said, “Oh gross.”

Then she turned to her co-worker running the drive through and said, “Did you here that?”

Yep, she was so appalled that she had to share it with others.

Next time I’ll just keep it simple and say something like, “Well, there was this really, really red eye. I mean really red…”

Presbyopia Patient Education

Presbyopia Patient Education - Optoblog Comic #17

Seriously, would it be okay if we farmed out patient education on presbyopia to the techs or opticians or something? Are eye doctors the only ones on the planet who have ever heard of it? From the 40-something mildly farsighted patients especially I get these incredulous looks.

“But I’ve never needed glasses in my entire life!” they say.

If they can mandate that my child take sex ed in school, why can’t they mandate that everyone be forewarned about the whole presbyopia thing? I remember in second grade health class learning about the digestive tract with a slide show of a cartoon character traveling down a river on brown barrels. Why can’t they do a little ditty about the eyes too?