Wife Beater Sun Glasses

You’ve heard of “wife beater” type shirts. Well, thanks to those crazy Hollywood trend setters, we now have wife beater sun glasses. You know those humongous sunglasses that are now in style? Yes, the ones bigger than your head like these or those.a.k.a. wife-beater sunglasses

I’m not normally prone to conspiracy theories, but I’m pretty sure these became so en vogue because they’re perfect for the battered wife to wear after a hard night at home. Instead of people encouraging her to get help, they just won’t know! I think it’s somewhere in the Bible that “[Elephant-sized sunglasses] cover a multitude of [husband’s] sins.”

So I guess it won’t be long before we’re all wearing jumbo sunglasses for style instead of a joke.
It\'s not a joke...it\'s fashion!