In Memory of D. Bret Ball

A friend and classmate of mine, Bret Ball, died yesterday, December 9, 2005 in his home. He was diagnosed with cancer 10 months after we graduated from optometry school. He went through many treatments, but the Lord saw fit to call him Home. He will be greatly missed, and I pray for his wife and family.

I first met Bret while in undergrad. It was outside the biology complex. Him and Nate (another PUCO 2003 classmate) are good friends, and I talked with both of them about optometry school aspirations. The first semester of opt school, there were 4 of us “Idaho Boys” that sat next to each other in the front row. I routinely sat next to Nate and Bret through most of opt school. We studied and practiced together. I was part of the crew that helped him move into a different apartment. He helped my family move when we left Oregon. We ate ribs, Bret’s favorite, to celebrate the end of a semester. Bret and Rachel have left many positive memories with my family. They are true friends.

I can say without hesitation that Bret was a very good man. He was a man of faith, family, and friends. He was also one of the smartest in our class. While the field of optometry has lost one of its rising stars, his impact will most be felt with family. I would ask any of you reading this blog to pray for Rachel and the kids and help the Ball family in any way you can.